New Zealand Rugby

the brief

NZ Rugby came to us to reinvent their workspace to respond to a more mobile post covid workforce. They wanted to develop a more vibrant space to encourage people back to the office and to provide a more connected and modern front-of-house area.

the challenges

Alongside a change management initiative, NZ Rugby moved to an agile neighbourhood way of working, developed through discussions with staff about the type of environment that would support the different groups. This new agile environment required less standard desking which meant that NZ Rugby could go from a 2-floor tenancy to a single floor with meeting and collaboration areas.

what we did

We amalgamated the desk space into a single connected area, supporting the new neighbourhood concept with lockers, meeting and Zoom rooms, and a combination of allocated free desking. The Mana Tangata collaboration space was positioned to be easily used by staff and visitors alike. The staff breakout area was themed in an informal clubroom style.

the results

Across a single floor there is now a stronger connection between the NZ Rugby staff and the people and public they serve. Visitors arrive in a lively working environment and become part of the ‘team’ as they share meetings and collab space with staff. Taonga and memorabilia are on display throughout the fitout, showcasing the NZ Rugby teams and their achievements.

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