building redevelopment

“We understand how buildings are put together, not just the space between the floor and the ceiling, so we’ll design the right solution.”
Ewan Dellow, Director, Workspace Architects Limited

designing buildings to maximize their potential

We have great ideas to invigorate buildings so they can reach their full market potential, whether it’s the redevelopment of a heritage building, transforming unused parts of a building into leasable space, or the renewal of an urban site. Click the link to find out more about our services

strengthening buildings to create safe workspaces

We design a total earthquake strengthening solution for the building owner and co-ordinate ‘whole building’ drawings which bring together the structural solution, services engineering and architectural scope. Find out why building owners choose us.

“ LT McGuinness and Workspace Architects have worked collaboratively together on a number of successful projects. We find them extremely pragmatic, professional and great to work alongside.”
“Very successful project delivered under tight timeframes and Workspace Architects worked very well as part of an integrated team.”
“In my experience the team at Workspace Architects are client focused and proactively manage their projects. I look forward to working with them again.”
“We find Workspace Architects extremely pragmatic and professional with a depth of experience, and a great group of people to work alongside.”

get in touch

We’d love to assist you with your building design or earthquake strengthening project, so please get in touch to find out how we can help.
“The strengths of Workspace Architects are their design expertise, passion, processes, broad industry knowledge and talent.”
Brent Jacobs, Spark New Zealand Limited

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