“When thinking about how to approach this commission, I wanted to reflect the power of collective knowledge and learning.” 

Matthew McIntyre Wilson (Taranaki – Ngā Māhanga, Titahi)

NZEI Te Riu Roa is the largest education union in New Zealand and they asked us to create a new working environment at 79 Boulcott Street, Wellington. They used Tūrangawaewae as the cornerstone of their new working environment – a place where they stand together and feel empowered and connected through a celebration of their rich culture, history and vision for the future. The meeting spaces are inside Kaitaka themed walls, designed by contemporary Māori artist, Matthew McIntyre Wilson (Taranaki – Ngā Māhanga, Titahi). The Kaitaka (Māori cloak) wraps around the meeting spaces, embracing the conversations and shared knowledge.

The new office space is split over 4 floors so we worked with the teams to ensure we created the right balance of desking and collaboration spaces for teams co-located on each floor. We created a multifunctional reception space with operable walls and a shared kitchen for hosting guests and union members from across the country. The Poutama (representing steps of knowledge) adorns the lift lobby walls, with a different colour and form on each floor, to reflect the diversity and history of NZEI Te Riu Roa.

In a truly collaborative design process, we have created a unique home for NZEI Te Riu Roa, working with key stakeholders and contemporary Māori artist, Matthew McIntyre Wilson, to deliver a space that reflects the core values of the organisation and their work..

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