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AMP Capital Investors

the brief

In this project we acted as both Architect and Project Manager. The PWC Building was to undergo significant refurbishment, being stripped back to its essential parts. AMP Capital Investors wanted a new office environment to reflect a more modern and open way of working. The split Level 7 and Level 11 floors of the PWC building offered them a chance to create a suite of public facing spaces and an open work floor uninterrupted by office fitout. We designed a new mezzanine in the existing high Level 7 space to provide Project Rooms above the Meeting Rooms.

the challenges

The key to the success of the design was to get all the staff across one floor to encourage communication between the groups. The size of the floor plate meant that there was only enough room for the staff and 2 or 3 small meeting spaces. The additional Level 7 space became an obvious solution for the public face of AMP Capital Investors.

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what we did

We integrated the new AMP Capital Investors tenancy fitout with a significant refurbishment of the existing building services. New ceilings, lighting, upgraded HVAC and fire protection was all part of the project. Integrating these works on paper results in savings on site because the in-ceiling services work only has to be completed once – to the tenancy layout positions. The Level 7 space directly off The Terrace entry provided a spacious environment for meeting rooms, video conferencing and a staff café area with a view to the harbour. 

the results

The result was the integration of new tenancy requirements with the existing features of the building to create a unique and interesting office environment.

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more than great design

To us, architecture is about the entire process - from asking the right questions to getting the squeaky door fixed after move in day. We take our clients on a journey so they feel as if they are part of the solution.

All our architects are members of the NZIA. Each year all members undergo continuing professional development to ensure skills and practices are completely up-to-date with current industry standards. As 'hand-on' architects we are trained to promote ourselves as the single point of contact for your project. An NZIA registered architect, with more than 20 years experience, will guide you through all stages of the project.

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