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why choose us for earthquake strengthening?

winner of heritage award                  
2015 earthquake strengthening awards

Our retrofit seismic strengthening solution to an occupied heritage building won the Heritage Award at the NZSEE Earthquake Strengthening Awards 2015. Situated in the Courtenay Place Heritage Area, 2-12 Allen Street was strengthened from 45% NBS up to 70% NBS with minimal disruption to the bakery and restaurant situated in the building.

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workspace architects delivers earthquake strengthening solutions to multi-storey buildings

Since 2008 we have been involved with many multi-storey earthquake strengthening projects, designing a total solution for the building owner. Strengthening solutions are mainly focused in the ceiling, stairs, exterior walls, columns and beams. We co-ordinate ‘whole building’ drawings which bring together the structural solution, services engineering and architectural scope. We define the complete package of works to establish accurate costs and work processes for the seismic solution and all the consequential works.

workspace architects guides you through complex compliance issues

When buildings are undergoing earthquake strengthening the Local Authority also focuses on the compliance of the building as a whole. As the staircase area is usually in the fire safe path in a multi-storey building the Council reviews the compliance of the doors to the stairs, the emergency lighting, handrails and end destinations of these stairs to ensure that occupants will be delivered safely to the street in an emergency situation. We work closely with the fire engineers, building contractors and the Council to resolve all compliance issues for our clients.

workspace architects delivers solutions with minimum impact to the building and tenants

Often the building to be strengthened is occupied by tenants.We understand how a structural solution impacts the building as a whole and work closely with the building owner and tenants to minimise disruptions allowing the tenants and building income to be maintained wherever possible. 

Mostly the solutions are promoted inside the suspended ceiling space - an area which is usually full of air conditioning equipment and ducting, sprinkler pipes and electrical and data wiring - the challenge is to minimise the need to remove and re-install in-ceiling services. Working with the fire and services engineers we can coordinate an approach where air conditioning and sprinklers can be isolated to a specific area so that the structural works can happen. 

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more than great design

To us, architecture is about the entire process - from asking the right questions to getting the squeaky door fixed after move in day. We take our clients on a journey so they feel as if they are part of the solution.

All our architects are members of the NZIA. Each year all members undergo continuing professional development to ensure skills and practices are completely up-to-date with current industry standards. As 'hand-on' architects we are trained to promote ourselves as the single point of contact for your project. An NZIA registered architect, with more than 20 years experience, will guide you through all stages of the project.

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