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330 Lambton Quay for Cornerstone Partners Limited

the brief

Located in Lambton Quay’s Golden Mile are 2 adjacent historic buildings that require seismic strengthening. We were engaged along with Dunning Thornton to seismically upgrade the buildings and to refurbish 330 Lambton Quay. 

the challenges

The challenges for this project were to provide an economic strengthening solution for buildings with small floor plates (hence limited leasing opportunities to spread the cost). The buildings have historic listings adding further constraints to the mix.


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what we did

Rather than strengthen each building individually a far more economic solution was to structurally join the buildings together. This not only allowed both building owners to share the structural load and cost, but also made the solution easier by eliminating the ‘pounding effect’ of the buildings. No visible structural elements will be visible from Lambton Quay.

the result

The project is currently under construction and is progressing well with completion expected August 2015.


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more than great design

To us, architecture is about the entire process - from asking the right questions to getting the squeaky door fixed after move in day. We take our clients on a journey so they feel as if they are part of the solution.

All our architects are members of the NZIA. Each year all members undergo continuing professional development to ensure skills and practices are completely up-to-date with current industry standards. As 'hand-on' architects we are trained to promote ourselves as the single point of contact for your project. An NZIA registered architect, with more than 20 years experience, will guide you through all stages of the project.

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