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why choose us for your building refurbishment project?

winner of excellence award 
2014 property industry awards

With our hands-on approach and 20 years of experience, our clients know that we can take a building back to its bare bones and create and control a complete programme of works to update and refurbish buildings for owners, and design new office spaces for tenants. We have been involved in upgrading many office towers in Wellington including Grant Thornton House, ASB Tower, Westpac Building and 160 Lambton Quay.

Our building refurbishment of Grant Thornton House won an Excellence Award at the Property Council New Zealand Awards in 2014. 

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workspace architects designs refurbishment solutions that allow buildings to reach their full market potential

In the current market environment clients are looking for schemes that are not too complicated or costly to build. Building owners choose us because we spend the time tuning the design solution to fit the building and application. The result is a quality offering to the market that makes financial sense for the building owner.


workspace architects converts existing spaces to new uses increasing return on investment for owners

We complete many projects involving change of use for existing buildings. It is very rewarding to watch a poorly used space develop into a vibrant new office or retail space. At the Majestic Centre we converted the Level 1 retail spaces into a modern Call Centre for 200 staff. This 'out of the box thinking' meant that we created more than 1100 sqm of additional leasable office space for the building owner Kiwi Property and their tenant Cigna. On the ground floor we extended the retail tenancies out to the line of the verandah creating a more dynamic shop front edge.

"we have years of experience in on-site construction management of our designs which means we deliver cost effective solutions for our clients."


workspace architects refurbishes heritage buildings as well as office towers, giving buildings a new lease of life

For 'change of use' the Council reviews the compliance of the existing building, so we have a team of services experts to advise on all aspects of older buildings transitioning to new uses.

Our heritage projects include a new office for New Zealand Bus, redeveloping 330 Lambton Quay, working with The Historic Places Trust at The Brandon Street Gallery, and restoring the facade of the Urban Winery in Christchurch with a code compliant flexible retail and office space behind.

workspace architects assists landlords with securing tenants

We actively assist the building owners in securing tenants by preparing testfit designs for prospective tenants and providing floors displays and marketing information.

We understand the importance of leasing the building and try to be as flexible as possible to allow for tenant integration into the base build. This often leads to cost savings for the tenants, particularly in the relocation and installation of services. It allows the building owner to pass these savings on as an incentive to secure tenants and enables the owner to generate rental income sooner.

workspace architects brings together the best team for your project

We’re often part of a team of consultants working for the best outcome for our clients. Whilst specialists are required for HVAC, fire and electrical services, our expertise in both ‘whole building’ and interior design means we can often save significant portions of the project budget because we evaluate the scope of every section of work.

workspace architects is known for delivering projects on time and to budget 

As part of the early planning, we prepare milestone plans. Our understanding of any compliance issues within the building and our co-operative approach with the construction companies ensures that we can develop a realistic time frame from an early stage.

Many of our projects involve the co-completion of a new office fitout along-side the building refurbishment. Understanding the integration of tenant building services into a landlord base build means that we can ensure that the information required from the client to the contractor is confirmed to avoid holdups and unnecessary rework. We are able to control the project budget so effectively because we have years of experience in the on-site construction management of our designs.

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more than great design

To us, architecture is about the entire process - from asking the right questions to getting the squeaky door fixed after move in day. We take our clients on a journey so they feel as if they are part of the solution.

All our architects are members of the NZIA. Each year all members undergo continuing professional development to ensure skills and practices are completely up-to-date with current industry standards. As 'hand-on' architects we are trained to promote ourselves as the single point of contact for your project. An NZIA registered architect, with more than 20 years experience, will guide you through all stages of the project.

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