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As specialists in commercial architecture and interior design, workspace architects provide a complete architectural service for the planning, design and delivery of office refurbishment projects for building owners, landlords and commercial tenants and we take no commission on any aspect of the fitout.
We design the works and assemble all the documentation required for building consent and competitive pricing and we manage the entire building programme from start to finish, including sourcing the furnishings and fittings to complete the design.
We work with a dedicated team of specialists in fire engineering, acoustics, ventilation, and quantity surveying to ensure every aspect of our design solution fits in terms of quality, innovation, safety and cost. Our network of established suppliers of furniture and office equipment gives us access to the latest designs and finishes. We always aim to fulfil our Clients expectations – we know that we often exceed them because 80% of our business is repeat business.

our project design and delivery service

We carefully plan and implement our projects in the following key stages:

stage 1 - briefing, project scoping and sketch design

We work with you to clarify your requirements, develop a space plan to confirm the size of your office, and undertake test fit designs and building reviews to assist in the right building selection. We then develop a baseline budget and key project milestones.
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stage 2 - developed design

With a broad design agreed we scrutinise every element to make sure you are completely happy before we start on the detailed documents. We often create a 3-D model to confirm that we've respected your brand and designed a solution that fits. We co-ordinate the specialist consultants to design air conditioning, lighting and fire protection to match the design. We review the baseline budget and adjust costs or design details where required.
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stage 3 - contract documentation

Working closely with our services consultants we create a ‘blueprint’ for your project which is used to apply for and obtain any required resource or building consents. This is typically the largest section of our works as these documents are used for pricing and provide the backbone of the project – a constant reference point for variations and on-site decisions in the construction stage.
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stage 4 – tender evaluation

We strongly promote the competitive tendering of all fitout works as this provides a truly accountable price and, in today’s market, provides significant savings for our Clients. 95% of our projects are competitively tendered. 

We manage the whole tender process involving clarifying any aspects of the tender documentation, reviewing the tenders to ensure everyone has based their price on the same parameters, recommending the best contractor for your project, and putting a contract in place.
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stage 5 – project observation

We manage the project on-site from start to finish. We monitor and manage the financial and contractual elements through documentation of any changes that occur on-site, we assess and report on the quality of finished works and compliance with consent documents, and we recommend and source options for furniture and office equipment.

If necessary we work with you to develop a relocation plan for your staff and facilities including the integration of new data, phone and IT systems. Whether you are moving 500 staff or 50 our systems ensure a smooth transition to your new working environment.
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more than great design

To us, architecture is about the entire process - from asking the right questions to getting the squeaky door fixed after move in day. We take our clients on a journey so they feel as if they are part of the solution.

All our architects are members of the NZIA. Each year all members undergo continuing professional development to ensure skills and practices are completely up-to-date with current industry standards. As 'hand-on' architects we are trained to promote ourselves as the single point of contact for your project. An NZIA registered architect, with more than 20 years experience, will guide you through all stages of the project.

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